Our Process

  1. Interview, recruit, and contract Independent Sales Reps to represent supplier’s products
  2. Establish Sales Territories
  3. Provide documentation (Contracts, NDAs, etc.)
  4. Design training materials, hold frequent training sessions and certify the Sales Reps.
  5. Provide a portal to archive all supplier marketing, product documentation and sales aids.
  6. Coordinate Rep sales with supplier technical support, product updates, etc.
  7. Provide lead-generating promotions and promote the products to the Rep’s customer database
  8. Manage sales, record design wins, and distribute supplier’s products in North America
  9. Interface with supplier’s in-house sales management program.
  10. Work with and augment a supplier’s existing sales force.
  11. Work with the suppliers catalog distributor to act on POS reports and leads.
  12. And most importantly: Increase your sales!