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Future Robotix has been at the vanguard of the US precision and surgical robotics market since its
inception. We offer a more cost-effective and diverse product selection, greater manufacturing capacity
and shorter lead times. We support your design process from prototyping to serial production.

Future Robotix is the North American Sales Partner for the following Companies and Products:

Servo Tecnica

For almost 40 years, Servotecnica has provided the industrial, automation, robotics and motion- control
industry with exceptional products and services. With corporate headquarters and manufacturing based
in Milan, Italy, the company provides a wide range of products, including: linear and rotary servomotors,
digital and analog drives, axis controllers, gear motors, linear and rotary transducers, slip rings/rotary
joints and servo-actuators. For more information about Servotecnica: www.servotecnica.com