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About Us

Convergence Sales

North American Master Rep Programs
We realize that selling to the North American market is an essential part of any company’s growth strategy, but establishing a foot-hold in the US is a huge undertaking. For companies who want to establish a foothold in the North American market and are unsure about where and how to start, Convergence’s Master Rep Program is an easy and affordable solution.

For over a decade, Convergence Sales has paired suppliers and manufacturers together with their network of independent Sales Reps coast-to-coast. Convergence helps companies establish a network in North America to increase their company and product visibility and sales in a regional hands-on program for a fraction of what it would cost to build your own sales network.

    Convergence will:
  1. Interview, recruit, and contract Independent Sales Reps to represent supplier’s products
  2. Establish Sales Territories
  3. Provide documentation (Contracts, NDAs, etc.)
  4. Design training materials, hold frequent training sessions and certify the Sales Reps.
  5. Provide a portal to archive all supplier marketing, product documentation and sales aids.
  6. Coordinate Rep sales with supplier technical support, product updates, etc.
  7. Provide lead-generating promotions and promote the products to the Rep’s customer database
  8. Manage sales, record design wins, and distribute supplier’s products in North America
  9. Interface with supplier’s in-house sales management program.
  10. Work with and augment a supplier’s existing sales force.
  11. Work with the suppliers catalog distributor to act on POS reports and leads.
  12. And most importantly: Increase your sales!

Convergence Promotions LLC

Partner Programs and Ecosystems
Since 1990, Convergence Promotions has designed and managed premier partner programs for a dozen of the world's largest technology companies. We make it easy for engineers and suppliers to find, compare and buy products, and our demand creation programs increase sales for suppliers and distributors alike. We have developed:

  • ARM Connected Community in EMEA, US, and APAC
  • ARM TechCon
  • Motorola and Freescale Partner Programs
  • Intel Partner Programs
  • Siemens and Infineon Partner Programs
  • Microsoft Partner Programs

Supply-Chain and Distributor Programs
Convergence has been both a Joint-Venture Partner with Arrow Electronics, and a supplier of search engines and ecosystems for Lighting, Power and Microcontroller programs for Avnet, and DigiKey.

Marketing Support
Convergence and their media partners support and promote our suppliers through one of the largest engineering lists in the industry. Our knowledge of the Embedded and power Industry together with our marketing and publishing experience makes us uniquely qualified to put programs together that get results through:

  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Dedicated Mailings
  • Webinars
  • Design Contests
  • Press Events
  • Trade shows

For more information on how Convergence can help you in your sales and marketing in North America, Contact:

Glenn ImObersteg
+1 (408) 803-1332